We are excited to introduce to you the new Chattanooga High Power Laser HPL7 & HPL15.

Immediate Pain Reduction
It can almost immediately arrest soft tissue and joint pain

Optimal Tissue Absorption

Combination of 2 or 3 wave lengths at 810nm, 980nm & 1064nm.

Deep Tissue Penetration
It can achieve much greater penetration depth than Low Level Laser with power up to 15W.

The new HPL7 (7 Watts) and HPL15 (15 Watts) can almost immediately arrest soft tissue and joint pain. Compared to Low Power laser, this product can achieve much greater penetration depth.

The combination of two or three wavelengths (810nm, 980nm & 1064nm), within the same therapeutic window enables different interactions within biological tissues:

810nm – Allows rapid activation of the process of hemoglobin oxygenation: Facilitating tissue regeneration

980nm – Optimises microcirculation via thermal release, and Nitric Oxide, and produces ATP synthesis.

1064nm – Balances rapid analgesic effect with modulation of inflammation and stimulates ATP synthesis.​

    Impingement syndrome, rotator cuff injury

    Epicondylitis radialis/ulnaris

    Knee arthritis

    Achilles Tendinopathy

    Plantar fasciitis/Heel Spur

    Tibiotarsal distortion

    Trigger points, muscle spasms

    Muscle strain

    Osteoarthritis, disc herniation

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


    Myofascial Pain

    Cervicobrachial Syndome

Features & Benefits
Deep tissue penetration with power up to 15W

Optimal tissue absorption due the 2 or 3 wavelengths: 810 nm, 980 nm and 1064 nm

Different emmission modes for optimal output adjustment

Preset protocols for easy application

Large Touch screen, 7 inch with an optimal interface flow

Automatic laser source calibration

Safety footswitch operation

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