Low Power Lasers became accessible for the treatment of pain in the late 1970s and have been widely utilized around the globe by clinicians and health practitioners in a variety of settings.


The extremely low power of these early devices limited the use of these lasers to superficial wound treatment as they were unable to penetrate the skin. With time, however, more powerful lasers were developed and more evidence emerged as to their therapeutic benefits.

Today, both Low and High Power Lasers are commonly used by allied health practitioners. High Power Lasers feature a deeper tissue penetration which can almost immediately arrest soft tissue and joint pain. Low Level Lasers are used for treating wound healing as well as pain relief.

Low Level Laser Therapy
Class 3B Laser
Class IIIb Lasers have been in use treating a variety of healthcare conditions for many years and are defined as having a total power output of 25-500 mW. These lasers are commonly referred to as “Cold Laser” or “Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)”.

LLLT is applied with a precise static technique

Longer dosage time due to lower power

Smaller treatment areas

Therapeutic Applications


Wound healing

Acute trauma

Reduce inflammation

Reduce Edema

Pain Reduction

In our Chattanooga range, Low Level Laser Therapy is available on our Intelect Mobile, Advanced and Neo machines.

High Power Laser Therapy
Class 4 Laser
Class IV Lasers have been in use treating a variety of healthcare conditions for many years and are defined as having a total output of 501-15,000 mW.

These lasers are commonly referred to as “Hot Lasers” or “High Power Laser Therapy (HPL)”. With greater power, HPL achieves deeper penetration, greater photonic energy delivery and thermal effects.

HPL requires a dynamic application technique to avoid burns

Shorter dosage time

Larger treatment area

Therapeutic Applications

Immediate pain reduction

Muscle spasm

Acute trauma

Tissue repair

Modulation of inflammation

In our Chattanooga range, High Power Laser is available on our Chattanooga High Power Laser HPL7 & HPL15 units.

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