Have you ever tried Cold Laser Therapy on patients with conditions, such as Achilles Tendinitis, Rotator Cuff Tendinitis or an Acute Ankle Sprain?

Cold Laser Therapy delivers light energy to the tissue to stimulate healing and resolve pain. More Allied Health Practitioners are realising the benefits of Laser Therapy, including Chiropractor Andrew Richards.

Andrew is from Well Aligned Cammeray in Sydney, Australia. He has used Cold Laser with the Chattanooga Intelect Neo unit for over a year. Listen to his story in the video below where he explains how he is using Cold Laser for Acute Neck injuries such as Whiplash.


Chattanooga Intelect NEO – Multiple Modalities in a Single Unit
“The Neo has been the best technology addition to our practice in 20 years. The range of functions and evidence based protocols make it a most valuable part of our treatment protocols and day to day practice.” – Andrew Richards, Chiropractor at Well Aligned Cammeray

The Chattanooga Intelect Neo is suitable for both new and experienced users of Electrotherapy. With the NEO, you have the option to choose from six different modalities including LASER, EMG Biofeedback, Ultrasound and more.

With Cold Laser Therapy, it is important to deliver the correct dosage to achieve optimal results. The NEO uses it’s advanced clinical library to select the appropriate dosage for each unique condition.

More Features & Benefits:
Clinical Protocol Setup – comprehensive reference library providing extensive information on therapy, treatments and pathologies. By selecting a patient’s indications, a list of appropriate protocols will appear.

Anatomical Library – It illustrates an array of pathologies, making it easier for you to communicate with patients about their condition and educate them on further treatment options both in and outside the practice.

Customized Menus, User-Specific Memory – Build your custom programs within the interface, save favourite or patient-specific treatments and customize the system to precisely fit your practice and your patient profiles.

The Intelect Neo also provides suggestions for electrode placement, care and utilization.

Watch this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BE4hAgbV9Q) of how Andrew is using EMG Biofeedback to measure the activity in a muscle group and how he is able to compare it to another. Contact us and let our experienced sales team explain more!

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