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Shockwave Therapy Efficient For Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow, or Lateral Epicondylitis, is an injury affecting up to 3% of the population.* There are many ways to treat Tennis Elbow. Most common and one of the better performing methods are Physiotherapy. Besides that, Injection Therapy, Bracing, Taping and...


Acute Vs. Chronic Tennis Elbow Injuries

Acute Vs. Chronic Tennis Elbow Injuries

Did you know? Tennis elbow affects 1% to 3% of the population overall and as many as 50% of tennis players during their careers. Tennis elbow affects men more than women. It most often affects people between the ages of 30 and 50.* “Tennis elbow” is a common term for...



NMES For ACL Rehabilitation As the video ( explains, the Wireless Pro (NMES) is a great device to assist with improving patient outcomes in early stage ACL Rehab. In summary, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) used during STSTS...

How to Treat Calcific Tendinitis

How to Treat Calcific Tendinitis

Calcific Tendinitis in the Shoulder is a relatively common condition in Australia & New Zealand. Some studies have shown that up to 20% of people may have calcium present in their rotator cuff tendon, but only half of them get symptoms. It is said that the pain...



A Painful But Treatable Condition This entry was posted on November 18, 2016 by DJO. Achilles Tendinopathy is a chronic condition, affecting primarily middle-aged recreational athletes. Caused by micro-tears and inflammation to the Achilles Tendon, the incidence of...

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