Chatt-Tape is a hypoallergenic adhesive tape made of a very high quality cotton. The ventilation in Chatt-Tape allows the skin to breathe, prevents moisture build-up, and helps to avoid rashes. The elasticity of the tape is designed to allow optimal fit on any part of the body without restriction in range of motion. A mild heat sensitive acrylic adhesive is used to prevent skin irritation and avoid unnecessary tension to the skin.

This non-medicated tape can be used on appropriate parts of the body to enhance the blood & lymphatic fluid circulation leading to better natural healing and recuperation of the soft tissue. It is also suggested that applying the tape on the skin in a specific way can alter recruitment and contraction of the muscle. 1

Chatt-Tape is registered as a medical aid Class 1, it meets the strictest quality requirements,

Safe to use and does not contain any latex.

The main functions of Chatt-Tape are:

1. Supporting muscles 1

2. Removing congestion to the flow of body fluids 3

3. Correcting joint problems & improving proprioception 4,5,6

4. Relieving musculoskeletal pain 1,2,3,4

5. Improving skin structure

Downloadable PDF Documents:
Product Brochure

1. Anandkumar S et al. Efficacy of kinesio taping on isokinetic quadriceps torque in knee osteoarthritis: a double blinded randomized controlled study. Physiother Theory Pract. 2014 Aug;30(6):375-83.

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The course was excellent, very enjoyable. I heard terms I’d not heard since I was a student (40 years ago now!). Cliff was terrific, he made it interesting and has a first class manner

Philip Emm

The talk was very informative. I will certainly consider attending future events as I review how we can integrate new modalities into our clinic

Ishmael Beckford

Thanks for organizing a great evening with Cliff. It was extremely infomative and the machines were working overtime this morning!

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